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Since 1977
Technical Communications Services
Benefit From Our Expertise in the Art of Presenting Technology
Since 1977, Terra Tu AV has created a wide variety of support materials for technically complex products. We have produced catalogs, user manuals, maintenance and repair documentation, marketing and sales support items, control interface designs and much more.
We have created these materials for the electronics, chemical and mechanical product industries, as well as commercial database applications, automated publishing and content management systems for business, municipalities, and non-profit users.
Our design philosophy is simple:

Effective presentations sell products.
Effective presentation means that your products and their technical specifications are displayed in a manner that is concise and easy to understand.
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Terra Tu AV Technical
and Media
Benefit From Our Expertise in the Art of Presenting Technology
Terra tu is a resource for technical information management and communications. We develop content management systems and presentational materials including product catalogs, user manuals, web sites, trade show displays and provide supportive technical graphics and media services.
We are able to reach the consumers of technical information with efficient and salient presentations. Among other benefits, our creative approach results in product catalogs that present critical information clearly and user manuals that people can benefit from reading. Methods for structuring and presenting technical information pioneered by Terra Tu over 20 years ago are still in use by companies today.
Our expertise in the design and development of databased applications provides the background for the creation of cost-effective content management and automated publishing systems.
Terra Tu has implemented many relational database management applications since the early 1980s. Commercial applications such as our Building Department Managment Information System (BD-MIS) and WasteNaught were some of the earliest RDBMS available for Windows, and provided cost-effective solutions for cities and business.
Custom database management applications have also allowed us to reduce the cost of publishing technical catalogs and manuals by eliminating manual input and complex formatting tasks. We can help you to create a Content Management System that can generate most of your technical communications without requiring excessive amounts staff time. The more our systems are used, the faster they pay for themselves.
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Whether your needs are to communicate with end users or internal staff, our range of services is sure to offer some useful solutions.
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